The Upper Hand Mask is a community mask made from high-tech materials. They disinfect themselves and don't need to be washed to stay fresh. Ultimate comfort without compromising style. For travel, commute and supermarket visits.

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What our customer say

Allows relaxed breathing, even when I have to wear the mask for longer periods.

Alex, Dresden

Super comfortable. Genius neckband. Beautiful colors. Easy care. Simply great!

Nelly, Le Mans

Really comfortable to wear. Nice materials. And: way less mask waste!

Peter, Dortmund

Great quality and wearing comfort. Great fit. Justifies the somewhat higher price.

Robert, Düsseldorf

Pleasant to wear!
The protective bag and the neck strap are great.

Karin, Aachen

The mask sits extremely well in my face. And it's really easy to wash by hand.

Marion, Cologne

I like the quality, comfort, materials and the good feeling that your product really works.

Christopher, Berlin

You can adjust the ear loops. And the band to hang the mask around the neck is great.

Marina, Duderstadt

Neckband is mega! Mask fits very well. You can breathe really well.

Stefan, Aachen

Mask fits and closes very well. Hand wash is quickly done and mask dries fast.

Marion, Mönchengladbach

The Upper Hand Mask is a community mask made from high-tech materials. It has been developed with scientists from RWTH Aachen University and Freie Universität Berlin. To keep it fresh and clean, the textiles contain an anti-microbial ingredient (CAS number: 41591-87-1). The mask has not been certified as a medical device nor as personal protective equipment (according to EU regulation 2016/425). Learn more about the results of our EU research project backed by EIT Health here.

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Upper Hand uses self-disinfecting materials that do not need to get washed on a daily basis. The materials deactivate >99.9% of many viruses and bacteria over time, when these come into contact with the material surface. Researchers from Freie Universität Berlin and RWTH Aachen University have proven: it works!


Our mask is still a mask. But we have worked hard to make air flow more easily: the built-in nano filter is made from one of the thinnest fibers on earth. It has more micro-pores and lets more fresh air flow.


Wearing masks is no fun. That's why we use lightweight and breathable materials.
Soft comfort cotton on in the inside and adjustable ear loops give comfort on long-haul flights and extended shopping trips.


Our mask replaces up to 210 single use masks, because the materials disinfect themselves and can be handwashed up to 30x. All without heavy metals like silver, which is better for you and the environment.  

Wanna Wash?

Upper Hand Masks are a little bit like space suits for everyday life. They are made from self-disinfecting materials. But you might still want to take off dust and stains. Here is how to wash Upper Hand Masks and how to keep the materials active.

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