Upper Hand Mask

Material deactivates SARS-CoV-2Super comfortable and reusableDelivery within 3-5 working days
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You can use this handy mask pass in case someone asks you if your mask meets the current regulations. For supermarket, public spaces, transit, and your workplace. Print, cut, fold. The mask pass fits in every wallet.


Upper Hand® Material kills SARS-CoV-2 viruses and many other microbes upon contact. This has been proven in the high-security S3 Lab of FU Berlin, by Team Prof. Rösler. You read see the lab test report here.


The electro-spun Nano Filter with 99.9% BFE is made from the thinnest fibers on Earth. It capture micro particles such as viral aerosols. It does not impede airflow as much as standard masks do. It keeps its high filtration (>94% of 0.02-2 micrometer aerosols) even after getting wet. This makes our mask washable unlike single use masks.


Masks need to fit well to ensure comfort and protection. We offer sizes S, M, L for adults. And a special size with adjusted shape for kids 6-10. To find the right size, please follow our size guide. All masks have adjustable ear loops and a bendable ultra-durable nose piece for optimal fit. 


All our masks come with a detachable neckband. You can hook it on and off easily. It helps you keep your hands free and reduces the time and hazzle of searching for your mask. And to protect your mask from wear and tear when not in use you can store it in the protective pouch.


Upper Hand Masks are a little bit like space suits for everyday life. They can be hand washed up to 30 times before loosing their self-disinfecting properties. We recommend rinsing them once per week in warm water. Only use soap if absolutely necessary and avoid any laundry detergents, softeners, or bleach. They can destroy this special textile material.


Upper Hand® materials deactivate 99.9% of SARS-CoV-2 viruses on their surface. The innovative filter materials have a very high filtration performance, are washable and allow easy breathing. We would like to point out that our masks are not FFP2 certified. This would have limited us too much in terms of design and materials for high comfort and reusability / environmental friendliness.