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Stay fresh: No smell. Removes 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria

Feel dry: Materials move moisture away from your skin

Walk on clouds: Cushioned air chambers sole, ergonomic shape, pressure-free cuffs

Feel good: Carbon positive, made from certified sustainable materials (OEKO Tex, GOTS)

Made in Germany: High-precision, best working conditions, environmentally friendly

Upper Hand Fresh socks prevent odor, because the materials of our socks deactivate 99.99% of odor causing bacteria by breaking apart their membranes through the power of micro-magnetics: Our yarns have an active ingredient firmly attached to them. The active ingredient creates a positive magnetic yarn surface. And that magnetic effect opens up the fragile membranes of the bacteria. Without the membrane, the bacteria gets naked, deactivated and cannot replicate anymore. 

This effect is durable over many washes: proven effective over more than 30 wash cycles. 

Please note: this product contains an active ingredient (Dimethylactadecyl(3-(trimethoxysilyl)propyl)ammoniumchloride which is registered. Proven to be skin friendly and ecologically harmless to the environment.

Engineered for perfect fit: Ergonomic left-right shape. No annoying seams in the toe area.  “Walk on clouds” cushioned sole. Six different sizes and slightly elastic to snugly fit your feet. In many colors to fit your taste and style. 

We use high-tech yarns:
Super soft “long-staple” organic cotton that we combine with high-tech polyamide. The polyamide yarn gives a silky feel and sucks moisture away from your skin. The organic cotton stores and releases moisture and has a super-smooth feel due to its long-staple fibers.

Composition: Upper Hand Fresh Technology on 80% organic cotton and 20% Polyamide

Washing: You can just wash the socks cold or add them to your 30-40 degrees laundry. You can use regular detergents. Avoid fabric softeners as they can block the active surface of the sock. We have tested the antibacterial effectiveness and it is durable over more than 30 washes.

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Upper Hand Fresh are now on the ISS with the new crew. Because there is no washing machine in space.
Upper Hand Fresh is air condition for your feet. Removes 99.99% of odour-causing bacteria. Keeps you dry and comfortable when things get hot.

Get the double pack. Available in many sizes for optimal fit. Comes in many colors to fit your style.


Bacteria love socks. They grow fast and create bad smells. Upper Hand Fresh removes 99.9% of odour-causing bacteria within minutes through micro-magnetics: Millions of positive charges on the yarn surface open up the membranes of bacteria. Without the membrane, they cannot grow. Bye bye bad smells!


When things get hot most socks make you sweat. Upper Hand Fresh keeps you as dry as possible. How does it work? We use a proprietary knit structure that moves sweat and moisture away from your skin to areas where they get stored and later released through evaporation.


We are comfort nerds. So we set out and engineered Upper Hand Fresh for ultimate comfort: Generously cushioned soles make you walk on clouds. The ergonomic left-right foot design is really comfortable and avoids blisters. Pressure-free cuffs give lightness to your legs for hours.